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Our first home, Mauricare since 2005 is registered for 17 Residents. We specialise in catering for the elderly, those with physical disabilities, Dementia and also Residents who are or have been alcohol dependent.

The Home is situated in a residential area, close to the centre of Leicester and is handy for all local amenities, including the Hospital and University.

At Mauricare we are committed to providing the highest standard of care and dignity of our Residents is a priority to us. Our Manager, Zarine Golamy, is always on hand to chat with residents and their loved ones alike.

Our philosophy of care dictates that all Residents shall live in a safe and comfortable environment, where they are treated with respect and equality irrespective of their needs and backgrounds and in an environment of trust and familiarity. 

Our staff are passionate and committed to providing the highest standard of care. Continuity of care is of utmost importance to us and our Residents and so we ensure that all are staff are happy and motivated ensuring that turnover is low by conducting regular appraisals.

Our Activities Co-Ordinator keeps our Residents both mentally and physically active with a daily schedule of activities aimed at all our Residents, whether fully mobile or less so.

We also take our Residents on frequent day excursions or trips outside the home as a way of encouraging more social interaction, physical and mental stimulation.


22-24 Fosse Road Central,


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The accommodation we provide is designed to make our Residents feel comfortable in their surroundings. We actively encourage Residents to decorate their rooms with their own belongings to promote a sense of familiarity.

We offer both single and shared rooms to cater for those who prefer privacy and also for those who prefer to have some company. All our rooms are tastefully decorated and some have en-suite toilet facilities.

As well as large private areas, the home has a large lounge where Residents can relax or meet with visitors.



At Mauricare we understand the importance of good quality nutritious food as an important component for health and well-being in all our Residents' lives.

The cuisine at Mauricare is all locally sourced and freshly prepared each day. Our chef provides a varied and balanced menu and happily caters for special diets and preferences, where requested. Fresh fruit and vegetables from our local suppliers are offered daily.

Residents can choose to enjoy the social aspect of meal times by taking their meals in our comfortable dining room or in the privacy of their own rooms, if they so choose.